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Online learning continues to grow as a component of the overall workplace learning mix. It allows you to deliver your training quickly and efficiently, while reducing any impact on productivity. Whether it’s HR policy changes or specialized job tasks, online learning is increasingly seen as a key method of delivering training content. FundaLMS is the ideal web platform for your company to discover the advantages of e-learning. It has a simple interface, so there’s no learning curve, and it quickly converts your content into a rich and engaging virtual learning program. FundaLMS is the go-to tool for companies in a broad range of industries because it’s so adaptable. From basic slideshows to mixed-media courseware, you’ll find FundaLMS is the right tool to get the job done.

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Dedicated Hosting

We offer a wide selection of models that are fully customizable and are designed to meet most hosting needs, powered by our Enterprise-level Network. ​Our Dedicated Servers are the ultimate power tool for your business. With the promise of 99.9% uptime, your business can rely on us to keep things running smoothly. We won't tie you down to any contracts, guaranteeing financial flexibility for your business. With our 24/7 Expert Support you can rely on us to take care of any queries anytime, giving you peace of mind.

Business Intelligence

Intelbs BI is a single source solution that does not require external applications to run the business. This ‘single DNA’ business software ensures that the basic underlying structure and processes have remained the same so companies need never go outside of systems to gain increased operational effectiveness. ​ A key component of any successful Business Intelligence implementation is a strong understanding of the end goal. Our unique skill set is the ability to be able to quantify and understand that requirement and deploy a solution that enables your business to achieve. Our approach to all projects follows a template that we have customized and has proven incredibly successful and takes into account all of components that are necessary to ensure a successful Business Intelligence Implementation. Throughout the project scoping, planning, development and implementation phases we work with your business people to ensure a strong understanding of your culture and requirements and ensure that the project is implemented in the shortest time frame to ensure that you obtain value and maximum return on investment.

Simulated Assessments

iQTest online assessments utilize proven methodologies to ensure you can reliably conduct pre-hire testing of your candidates for employment screening and evaluate the skills and abilities of your employees in the most cost efficient and effective way. Featuring a powerful combination of a performance and a knowledge based approach, you can cut the evaluation process in half. Offered in multiple languages, iQTest online assessments can be deployed on PCs, networks or the Internet in a supervised (proctored) or remote environment. Available for most industries and disciplines to measure knowledge, skill, aptitude and attitude, you can quickly and easily combine or extend existing assessment packages, customize your own, or have Intelligent Business Solutions tailor an assessment for you. Perfect for employee testing or pre-employment testing for candidate screening, pre-training testing and post-training testing, certification programs or workforce planning, iQTest online assessment products ensure you select the right candidate and conduct the right level of training for your people. Using powerful reporting, you will have detailed analysis of test results to help you make better decisions and predict candidate and employee success.

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E-Learning: Transfer Skills and Knowledge

As groups of learners and employees get more and more spread out — whether they’re working from home, or a regional office, or in another country entirely — the need to transfer information online has risen sharply. As such, the industry surrounding e-learning has taken off. E-learning describes a wide range of technologies and techniques all relating to the digital transfer of information over computer networks to disparate groups of learners. And with recent advancements in computing technology — especially mobile computing — niche industries within e-learning have begun to sprout: m-learning (mobile), t-learning (tablet), and so on. As e-learning moves more into the mainstream, it’s only bound to continue to grow and expand.

Benefits of Quizzes or Assessments

Most of us have been through an eLearning course and completed a simple multiple choice quiz that seemed pointless and a waste of time. These poorly developed assessments can reduce the credibility of our otherwise well-designed eLearning courses. But not to worry, there are ways in which you can ensure that your assessments actually enhance the effectiveness of your courses.How do you make sure your quiz questions are as effective as possible?

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