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Intelligent Business Solutions is a business solutions development company that gives turnkey business solutions to small and medium enterpises. Our solutions are tailoremade for each client and based on the best of breed technologies with found business principles and concepts. Our team has a wide range of skills from Banking, Mining, Hospitality, Military industries and bring together over 20years of industry knowledge. Our success is no story but a reality told by our clients. ​

We take pride in our solutions and value each client taking care about your problems. If you’d like to benefit from our professional solutions, head to the contacts us tab and connect with one of our Account Managers. Or if you need more help you can simply type your questions into the Contact Form and get answers via email or telephone. To keep up to date with everything, including tips and things we think are cool, subscribe to our mailer!

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  • The intention of this Service Charter is to inform our customers of our commitment to delivering business solutions and services reliably and professionally. We have an unyielding commitment to service excellence.

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Phone: +27 11 056 9865
Address: Office Suite 85,The Business Centre,357 Rivonia Boulevard,Sandton, South Africa
E-mail: admin@intelbs.co.za
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E-Learning: Transfer Skills and Knowledge

As groups of learners and employees get more and more spread out — whether they’re working from home, or a regional office, or in another country entirely — the need to transfer information online has risen sharply. As such, the industry surrounding e-learning has taken off. E-learning describes a wide range of technologies and techniques all relating to the digital transfer of information over computer networks to disparate groups of learners. And with recent advancements in computing technology — especially mobile computing — niche industries within e-learning have begun to sprout: m-learning (mobile), t-learning (tablet), and so on. As e-learning moves more into the mainstream, it’s only bound to continue to grow and expand.

Benefits of Quizzes or Assessments

Most of us have been through an eLearning course and completed a simple multiple choice quiz that seemed pointless and a waste of time. These poorly developed assessments can reduce the credibility of our otherwise well-designed eLearning courses. But not to worry, there are ways in which you can ensure that your assessments actually enhance the effectiveness of your courses.How do you make sure your quiz questions are as effective as possible?

Contact us and we will assist you in getting this right.